Examples of Previous Assignments

Examples of Previous Assignments

Biocidal products

Compilation of dossier for uptake of active substances on Annex I
 in the Biocidal Directive 98/8/EG, Application for approval or registrations of biocidal products in Sweden, Finland and Norway according to current legislation, Ombud services, Regulatory issues etc.


  • ACO Hud Nordic, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
  • Activa S.r.l, Milan, Italy
  • Aeropak, Hedensted, Denmark
  • Biltema, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Boero Bartolomeo S.p.A, Genua, Italy
  • Cederroth, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
  • Frescon Oy, Lempäälä, Finland
  • Koppers Sweden AB, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • KÖAB, Falkenberg, Sweden
  • Omega-Pharma Nordic AB, Kista, Sweden
  • Rütgers Organics GmbH, Mannheim, Germany
  • SoftProtector, Espoo, Finland
  • Spotless Group, Barcelona, Spain
  • Spotless-Boston Scandinavia, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Zapi S.p.A, Conselve, Italy

Chemical products

Safety Data Sheets, Labels/labelling, Notification to the Products Register,
Poisons Information Centres etc.


  • Ahlsell Kyl, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Attana AB, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Carlsson Innovation, Sundbyberg, Sweden
  • Clas Ohlson, Insjön, Sweden
  • Denator, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Expertus, Sundsvall, Sweden
  • Midsona Sverige AB, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Råseglarhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Sörens Färgkultur, Norrtälje, Sweden
  • Volkswagen Group, Södertälje, Sweden
  • Westlén Industrier, Skebobruk, Sweden

Cosmetic and hygiene products

Safety assessment, Toxicology assessment of substances in mixture etc.


  • ACO Hud Nordic, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
  • BeconfiDent, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Cederroth, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
  • Claudia Cosmetics, Trelleborg, Sweden
  • Gunry, Kungsbacka, Sweden
  • HLC produkter, Malmö, Sweden
  • North Lifestyle, Tyresö, Sweden
  • Octean, Kungsbacka, Sweden
  • Valtea, Stockholm, Sweden

Pharmaceutical products

Non-clinical overview, Environmental risk assessment


  • Abcur, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • ACO Hud Nordic, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
  • Meda OTC, Solna, Sweden
  • Medeca Pharma AB, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Medivir, Huddinge, Sweden
  • NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB, Lund, Sweden
  • NicoNovum, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Rechon Life Science, Limhamn, Sweden

 Preparation of test strategies, Mediation of test labs etc.


  • Eurenco, Massy, France
  • SoftProtector, Espoo, Finland

Medical devices

Toxicology assessment of active substances and metabolites, CE labelling etc.


  • AT Surgical Company, Holyoke, MA, USA
  • BeconfiDent, Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Pharmacure Health Care, Göteborg, Sweden


  • Cederroth, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
  • Miljömärkning Sverige, Stockholm, Sweden

Occupational safety and health plans

  • Svedborg Tennis & Sportgolv AB, Bromma, Sweden